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Septic System Inspection Portsmouth NH

There are several reasons why potential home buyers should ask for a septic system inspection before they negotiate the price of the house however the most important is that in most states the law requires that you have one done before the property changes hands.

As the potential home buyer, you may think it’s an unnecessary expense, and it’s only going to add on to the purchase price of the house. However when you consider that having a septic system inspection will only cost you a couple of hundred dollars and it may save you tens of thousands, then it is a pretty smart investment. No one wants to purchase a house and then turn around a week later and have a bill for $10,000 or $20,000 or even more because the septic system has failed.
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And as the homeowner, you might think the laws were created only to protect the buyers and force you to install a new system even though it appears yours is working just fine. But over time, a drain field can become clogged, and you might not even notice it. Once it reaches a certain point it’s no longer possible to repair it, and effluent has been leaking into the surrounding soil and ground water causing pollution and spreading bacteria throughout the whole area, not just your yard.

These laws that were created to protect potential home buyers, and the environment as well, have been set up because a lot of homeowners have no idea how old their septic system is, or even the last time it was inspected. And most potential homeowners don’t even think to ask if there’s a septic system let alone when the last septic system inspection was.

It’s also terribly vital that you have someone who is licensed and certified perform your inspection. And they have to do it really, not just sign off on the forms. A proper inspection will include everything from the pipes in your house to the septic tank and out into the drain field. Not only should they make sure all the lines are clear but they need to open up that tank and check the sludge and scum levels to make certain it’s working properly.

If you are thinking about buying a new home, the last thing you want to do is scrimp on the septic system inspection. Better to pay a several hundred dollars now than tens of thousands of dollars after you’ve already signed the contract. Because once you sign that contract you’ve not only bought the house, you’ve also bought all of the problems that came with it.

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