Home Inspection Tips Sellers Should Remember

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Helpful information from your friends at Alpha Building Inspections!

Home inspection makes the life of home sellers easier. If you are a seller, you know what this statement means. But before having your home go through an inspection, it is essential to do some preparations first. If you are prepared before the check, you can prevent problems in the future and prevent surprises from occurring. If you don’t have any idea on how to go about the preparations, let Alpha Inspections help you. Here, we’ve got some home inspection tips that can help you go through the process and eventually close the sale.

Home inspection tips that will help

 home inspection tips for sellers

More often than not, buyers request for a thorough inspection of the property they are buying. These home inspection tips for sellers will help you, and your buyer has a smooth-sailing transaction. Read on!

  1. Do some cleaning – This may sound simple, but frequently, homeowners overlook this strategy. If the home buyer sees a clean home, they will have the impression that you care and you take care of the house.
  2. Be punctual as the home inspectors of Alpha Inspections are always on time. This is probably the first thing to consider for the tips for a home inspection. Skilled inspectors of this firm always come to the area earlier than the schedule. Say, the inspector sets the time of inspection, be sure to have the house ready for the checking 30 minutes more prior.
  3. Ensure that all utilities are connected – during the inspection, there is a need for the inspector to check the dishwasher if it is running, the stove if it is on, and the air conditioning and furnace if in perfect condition.
  4. Leave some space around the water heater and the furnace for the inspector’s workspace – take away the furniture, boxes, bookcases, or anything that can block the access to the said areas. The inspector needs around four feet for a workspace to check on the items.
  5. Give access to the garage and attic – Move all the stored items and boxes away from the walls by approximately two feet. Be sure to vacuum all the spider webs around. More so, secure all valuables if any.
  6. One of the most critical new home inspection tips is to provide the necessary repair reports – Ensure the availability of all documents and invoices for the inspector to check. If there is some upgrading with the electrical systems, you should notify the inspector about it, too.