High-Tech Appliance Trends From The House Beautiful “Whole Home Project” Concept House

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The Article Courtesy of Alpha Building Inspections! On a tree-lined street in the Brookhaven neighborhood of Atlanta, a house built with the goal of better living through design opens its doors to the public this fall. Each space was created with comfort, peace and serenity in mind, from the decluttered entryway, to the intuitive kitchen with luxurious state-of-the-art appliances designed to easily bring healthy choices to a family's nightly dinner and provide flexibility in food preparation, Continue Reading ...

How To Keep Pests Out Of Your Chimney

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Helpful information from your friends at Alpha Building Inspections! As temperatures drop, many people will start spending more time in the warmth of their homes. Animals don't have the luxury of extra heating and take whatever refuge they can find, making chimneys a convenient place for pests to seek shelter. The team at Terminix has some helpful information to share so that homeowners can be better prepared to address critters that find their way into chimneys.What kinds Continue Reading ...

5 Alarming Places Where Germs Are Hiding In Your Kitchen

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Brought to you by  Alpha Building Inspections! Your kitchen may look clean, but here's the dirt on what's really happening. Although a quick daily clean might keep some of the bacteria at bay, it's important to remember that germs are lurking in the dark corners often overlooked! Since the kitchen tends to be where family and friends congregate, not only is it alarming to discover that things may not be as clean as you thought they were, bacteria can come in contact with the food you eat. Continue Reading ...

Integrate Accessories For Added Luxury

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From your friends at Alpha Building Inspections! Accessories bring a sense of purpose into a space and, with thoughtful selection, can transform a room into an elevated experience. When used creatively and in unexpected ways, they add the perfect finishing touch to a space and can transform the overall aesthetic and design.From hardware to purposefully placed décor, integrate accessories artfully and functionally to achieve beauty and balance for an even more luxurious space.A Continue Reading ...

3 Questions To Ask When Looking For Your New HVAC Unit

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The Article Courtesy of  Alpha Building Inspections! If you subscribe to the belief that your home is your castle, then you naturally expect to be comfortable in that castle, right? Whether it's the middle of winter or the dog days of summer, your home's HVAC system plays a vital role in supporting this comfort, so if you're in the market for a new system, here are three questions you should ask before purchasing your new system.Is the unit the right size for your home?In the Continue Reading ...

Uncommon – But Important – Baby Safety Steps

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Helpful information from your friends at Alpha Building Inspections! You take every precaution to make sure your family is safe and healthy. There are locks placed strategically throughout the house, baby gates installed on all stairways and little plastic plugs in every electrical outlet. You think your little ones will be safe and secure in these spaces, but have you done enough to ensure their health and wellness?Whether you're a new parent or have toddlers in tow, there are a few Continue Reading ...

Going Green a Smart Real Estate Strategy That Adds Value

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Brought to you by Alpha Building Inspections! Real estate insight: Green home improvements boost value, shorten sale timeAre you thinking of selling your house and want to know some of the best ways to boost your home's value, demand top dollar and potentially inspire a bidding war? Whether you're selling in a few months or a few years, there is one strategy that gets noticed in real estate markets across the United States: green home improvements.Green homes can sell faster and Continue Reading ...

The Things to Do Before, During and After a Home Inspection

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The procedure for a home inspection is frequently (but not all the time) done at the time when the home is sold. If you are into selling, you know and you’ll surely agree that home is among the most significant purchases a salesperson ever makes. It is essential then, to perform a home inspection in order to get rid of costly mistake through the purchase of a property that needs some major repairs. It is the main objective of the home inspection companies to provide their customers with the Continue Reading ...

4 Ways To Use Technology To Simplify Your Home Buying Process

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From your friends at Alpha Building Inspections! With increased competition in many cities around the country, finding ways to simplify the home buying process while saving money is top of mind for potential home buyers. Many consumers are seeking real estate brokerages that make the home buying process less stressful by providing access to tech-based tools, data and the guidance of smart, local agents."Buying a home is typically the most expensive purchase most people will make, and Continue Reading ...

Before You Renovate, Have You Considered This?

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The Article Courtesy of  Alpha Building Inspections! Home improvement projects are popular this time of year and you've certainly tackled your share of DIY to-dos in the past. But not this year. This year you realize it's time to go big, to go bold, to set aside those traditional home improvement projects for another year and do something even bigger.Yes, this year, it's time to renovate.Whether your plans include renovating one room, a floor or your entire home, there's no Continue Reading ...